Get help

Health care, law enforcement, the university. These systems are complex.

Victim advocates or counselors are the best people to contact first, because they can help you navigate the other systems and figure out what your options are.

They’re also good places to start if you have a friend who may have been assaulted.

If the assault was recent, you can go to a hospital for a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) exam, where forensic nurses collect physical evidence in case you want to pursue criminal charges.

Law enforcement can investigate whether a crime happened and pursue the case, and you generally have the option to call it off at any time.

Deans of students can help you get no-contact orders, advocate for you with your professors, and pursue disciplinary charges against your assailant, such as suspension, expulsion, or forcing a move to a new dorm.

UW-Eau Claire

UW-Green Bay

UW-La Crosse


  • Dane County Rape Crisis Center, 333 East Campus Mall, #7901; campus office: (608) 265-6389. 24-hour hotline: (608) 251-7273
  • University Health Services, 333 East Campus Mall, crisis intervention line (after hours and weekends, too): (608) 265-5600
  • Meriter Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, 202 S. Park St.: (608) 417-5916
  • Madison Police Department/Dane County non-emergency line, 211 S. Carroll St.: (608) 266-4275


  • Campus Women’s Center
  • PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment): student activism/prevention group that leads workshops on sexual violence. Student Activity Center #3147.
  • EVOC (End Violence on Campus) multi-pronged campus campaign





UW-River Falls

UW-Stevens Point




—Compiled by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.


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